When you hear anonymous web surfing, what comes to mind?


Criminal activities?

Hiding your new job searches at work?

How about saving money?

You see, many large websites such as Priceline, eBay, Amazon, and others are using cookies to track your shopping and searching patterns so they can scientifically "guess" which product or service best to serve you.  Sometimes the price of goods and services will vary greatly based on your searching activities.  Airlines have been known to increase airfare when the same internet user is comparing like destinations.  Priceline for example will not allow bidding for the same hotel in the same area.  Some YouTube junkies have revealed their secrets to saving by adding or removing search criteria.  This tricks the company that you are not the same user.  However, if Priceline were truly a mean company, they still have your IP address to monitor your habits.

A more effective method to beat websites that store cookies to limit or restrict your savings opportunities might be to use VPNs.  These websites function as gatekeepers for safety and privacy.  They keep your identity private by randomly switching IP addresses on the go.

These two are highly suggested: