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Internet Secrets

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Cancerer Nishikabyo

Cancerer Nishikabyo was the seventh album released by Aurthohin on September 10, 2016. Cancerer Nishikabyo contains 8 original track and most of the song of this album is rock. This album was released on Robi Yonder music App. There are some sequels to previous songs are there in Cancerer Nishikabyo.

Vocal, Bass, Acoustic – Bassbaba Sumon

Lead Guitar, Keyboard, Piano – Shishir Ahmed

Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Back Vocal – Mark Don

Amar Prithibi

Amar Prithibi

Band Name : Black
Release Date : 2002
Album Label : G-Series

Amar Prithibi was the debut album released by Black. Black was adjoin as a household name in Bangladesh after the release of this album. Most of the songs of “Amar Prithibi” were written by the band during the earliest stages of their formation. This album contains 12 original soundtrack and these are alternative rock type songs

Vocals, guitar – Jon

Lead guitar – Jahan

Bass – Miraz

Drums – Tony

Vocals, keyboard – Tahsan

Utshober Por

Utshober Por

Band Name : Black
Release Date : 2003
Album Label : G-Series

Utshober Por was the second released studio album by the rock band Black. This album now considered to be one of the most significant alternative rock records in Bangladesh. In “Utshober Por” Elita gave her vocal as a guest vocalist and she was also a journalist in the The Daily Star.  Rap performance of this album was done  by rapper Mark.

Vocals, guitar – Jon

Lead guitar – Jahan

Bass – Miraz

Drums – Tony

Vocals, keyboard – Tahsan


The Maskman Revealed!!!

Finally behind the mask of Band Ef has revealed his face. On March 9 a status and picture has shared from the official facebook page of the band. There were so many comments and elligations from people about the voice quality of the frontman of the band. From now on he will not be seen with the mask we have for 2years.


The face behind the mask is a simple boy with passion to music. He is Ankur Rahman. He joined the band when they were struggling for a vocal to complete the album work. Ankur with his growling voice and performance has created a image among the underground scene of Bangladesh.



Status from Band EF

We loved the Maskman and the mystery behind the mask. After all we had our own Corey Taylor and he has his own personality. 🙂

Stay Safe / Stop Piracy / Do Good Music


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