I’ve been collecting and verifying 20 years worth of amazing secrets so “they” can’t cheat, lie, or steal from you!

Dear Friends,

People and businesses "legally" cheat, lie, and steal from you every single day! If you know how they're doing it, you can "legally" stop them from happening to you. If you don't know, then your time, money, and happiness become voluntary, consensual, waived, or donated to them. Thank goodness for "Freedom of Information" that we can create this website to be on your side.

My name is Sol Sek and I am the Founder and President of the AmazingSecrets™ Search Engine. Please allow me to share our history in 60 seconds. Since 1998 (in my 20s) I quickly learned that working hard was not enough -- And that to get ahead there were "industry secrets" that I needed to know. This meant that I had to get "the inside scoop" that the HAVEs, THE RICH, and THE INSIDERS who "legally steal" from millions of people each and everyday don't want anyone to know. Since then I've been collecting and verifying insiders information, trade secrets, and loopholes submitted by members from all over the world and internet. And, I bring the most costly, valuable, and life-changing ones to you. Do you have a secret or loophole to share? Tell it! Share it!! Expose it!!!

I hope you will enjoy this site as much as I've enjoyed putting everything together. We've been around longer than Google, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and even smartphones. So don't be shy, share with your friends and people you know!

Many have asked us, "Why haven't you put these amazing secrets on Youtube and other social media sites?" And others have asked, "Why do you share on this site if you didn't want others to know?" We've thought long and hard about these two questions. The simple response is when companies and insiders find out that millions of people know these loopholes, they find ways to fix them. However, they will close their eyes when only a few people know. Which is no secret since they profit when you don't know!

Perfect Example: Recently we shared a glitch at large gas stations across the United States that were giving 5% cashback towards free gas. Thousands of people including myself were legally getting free gas for a couple of years. We recommended purchasing VISA/Mastercard giftcards in $500 denominations and using the giftcards to pay bills that you already pay everyday, ie. cable, internet, food, shopping, etc.. Well, some people heard about this and began to call gas companies to inquire if this were in fact TRUE. It turned out, YES - It was true and almost immediately -- Speedway/SuperAmerica fixed the glitch. Everybody lost!

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Just one secret could save you ten or twenty years of your life: How to profit $200-$500 a month just by using VISA or MASTERCARD to pay bills. How to get real estate agents to cut their commission to almost zero. How to buy a home with no money down. How to waive a lien or judgement on your record so you can buy a house. How to cut $70,000 off your mortgage interest without changing your loan or refinancing. How to get private foundations to give you thousands of dollars for your business. How to get AAA+ credit ( 732+ scores) in less than 90 days. How to legally get a liquor license without being a liquor store. What day of the week do internet consumers spend the most money? What day of the week can save you hundreds on airfare? How to post a Youtube video that shows up full-size on Facebook? And much much more...

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